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My name is stephanie laflora and I'm the founder & creative director at Moxie AI. I've worked in marketing and branding for over 10 years. I built moxie to bring passionate storytelling and scroll-stopping visuals to startups & artists.

Most small business brands are boring and safe. we work with brands with a story to tell and an affinity for creativity. I'm so glad you're here. Let's make something dope together.

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dope since 2o23
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We spend our days enjoying what we do and our customers love it!

“Moxie has helped us kick off our marketing with confidence and on a tight startup budget and taught us invaluable techniques to inform our strategy." - Ocea, Taskimony

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"I think I have a rare perspective to pull from since I’ve known Stephanie for so long as my good friend. I know her passion for the ‘true’ creative, for nuance…her eye for cool shit. Above all, I have witnessed the integrity she has for whatever she attaches her energy to. If you commit with her and her team, then you will definitely come out with a win, whatever your vision." - Efrem Bryant

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“Stephanie was a dream to work with! As a small nonprofit, we were daunted by the task of overhauling our website copy, until we had our first call with Stephanie. She guided us with confidence, skill, and ease, capturing our personality and communicating with clarity and consistency. Working with her will be a gift for your team!” -
Mary, Compassion First

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